Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!

Many thanks to the Conemaugh Township Rotary for their help and another successful year.  With your support and the support of the businesses above, we are able to make the holiday season brighter for those in need.

Did you miss a wish?

Listen to the Wishes of Christmas below.

Wishes will be posted Thursdays and Mondays of each week.

Wish #1 (12/09)- A Young Family Suffers Damage To Their Home

Weekend Wish #1 (12/10)- A family Deals With An At Work Injury

Weekend Wish #2 (12/11)- Helping A Mom Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Wish #2 (12/12) A Widow Now Has Your Own Health Struggles

Wish #3 (12/13) Traveling For Medical Treatment and Car Trouble For Local Family

Wish #4 (12/14) Heating and Food For A Mom With Two Health Issues

Wish #5 (12/15) While dealing with health issues, Mom still helps at her child’s school

Wish #6 (12/16)- Three young kids while working through Cancer treatment

Weekend Wish #3 (12/17) Going out of state for medical treatment

Wish #7 (12/19)- An adult child, for his veteran dad and mom, looks for heating help for their parents

Wish #8 (12/20)- A son sends us a letter about his Mom, battling Cancer

Wish #9 (12/21)- Friends ask for help for a single dad, raising five kids.

Wish #10 (12/22)- Young parents struggle after a home accident

Wish #11 (12/23)- A mom and son after a home fire

Wish #12 (12/24)- Family struggling with finances this holiday season